What is Debian Server? And What Makes It So Good

August 28, 2017
What is Debian Server? And What Makes It So Good Debian server is a Linux base operating system geared to the needs of the server or the network. A Debian server can be used to build a local server and the internet. Operating system Debian is free to download and modify. For now this Debian already up to version 9.

Why should we choose Debian for our server? because Debian is fairly easy configuration, and pretty good from the side of security. Debian server is fairly easy to give a chance for the beginner, the tutorial is widely available on the internet about "how to build Debian server", for it, for those of you new to the server, I recommend to use Debian.

What is Debian Server? And What Makes It So Good

In addition to the Debian servers, Debian can also be used as a desktop operating system, for daily activities, to watch videos, view pictures, edit photo. In fact many types of operating systems that can be used to build a server, such as windows server, ubuntu server, Centos. I chose Debian because it's free and easy to operate.

Here are some of the advantages of the Debian server.

1. Debian Server that's Free
Debian is an operating system that you can download for free, you can also freely to do modifications. For those of you who want to use Debian, you can download it on the internet.

2. Debian Servers Easier
Compared with windows server, centos, and other server operating systems, Debian tends to be easier. Easy to configure, and easy to monitor the network.

3. Debian Server has a High level of security
Because it is a derivative of Debian Linux operating system, Debian has a high level of security, so as to make it rarely got a virus. In a Debian server, a server admin can also easily create rules using the firewall. Compared to windows, I think Debian server firewall easier gives a chance.

4. Debian Can run on Old Hardware
If you have an old computer that has a specification under the standard for ages now, you can convert it into a Debian Linux server. Computers with low hardware specifications can be installed on a Debian server.

5. Many Reference Study
If you want to learn a Debian server, already widely available tutorials scattered around the internet, so your learning process can be helped. Many tutorials on how to build a Debian server, ranging from beginner to advanced.
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